It Sold! - Ten Thrifted Things That Sold on ebay in April

I sell on four different platforms, Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Mercari, so this is not all my sales for the month, but this is just a taste of what’s been selling from my thrift finds. The financial breakdown is as follows for the ten items shown in the video:

Gross Profit: $203.71

eBay & PayPal fees: -$30.56

Cost of Good Sold with tax rate of 6%: -$32.86

Shipping: -$45.58

Net Profit: $94.71

For my business my goal is 100%+ ROI for the month, not a set dollar amount. On these ten items my COGS was $32.86, meaning my Net Profit was 288% ROI. I chose ROI vs. a dollar amount, because I also do retail arbitrage, so my higher $ items actually yield a lower ROI. A prime example of that is the Rag & Bone scarf I wrote about two posts ago. I made a Net Profit of $21.08, but COGS was $31.79 making it a 66.3% ROI. When I average in my retail arbitrage and my thrift/yardsale/antique finds, if my ROI is well over 100% I know I’m in a good place financially.