Every Sale Matters - a Short Piece

Please forgive my title pun, but though it was important to emphasis the every day sale. Finding that big score is rare, requires a lot of luck, and can’t be depended on for a steady stream of income, if you’re thinking about making reselling a full time revenue source. Quick little sales can help you in more ways then one, and I would recommend being the focus for anyone just starting out reselling. When you are out picking here are some things you should consider:


Does this brand have a lot of sold comps?

Does this item fit current trends?

Is this item in season?

Cost of Goods?

Let’s take this pair of Caribbean Joe shorts for an example. There is nothing special or remarkable about this pair of shorts. It’s an okay brand and a basic style; however, this brand was a yes in all the above four questions. There are a lot of sold comps for this brand in mens, because this is a warm weather brand and it’s Spring. It’s not a super long short, so it fits current style, and it was only $2.12 including tax. I knew I wouldn’t get a ton for it, but I would more than double my money on it, even if I took a best offer for it.

I put it up for sale on April 10, 2019 for $14.77, and I took a best offer on it of $12.00 after two weeks listed on April 24, 2019. After $1.80 in fees, $2.12 for cost of the item and sales tax, and the surprising $5.38 for shipping, I made $2.70. That may seem like a low number, but it’s still 127% return on investment (ROI). I got my money back for the item, and an additional $2.70 to reinvest in more inventory. I have a sale and activity on eBay, which satisfies their algorithm. Tomorrow I will go into why Best Offer can be your Best Friend on eBay, and some tips on pricing to help take best advantage of it.