Marlboro Unlimited - BOLO Brand

I want to start off by saying, I am not a smoker; however, my dad is and I’ve had friends that were. The reason I know about Marlboro Unlimited is mainly because of those friends.


Marlboro is a Cigarette Brand that used to have a rewards program called Marlboro Unlimited (there was also a failed train promo by this name in 1995 that is an interesting read). Every pack of cigarettes had a point system, just like you see now for box tops for education. Smokers could save that part of their pack and after enough points, could redeem them for items, gear, coupons and even trips, just paying for shipping and or taxes if it applied. If you see something tagged Marlboro Unlimited it ONLY came from this rewards program, which was scrapped due to increased regulations by the US Government. That means that these pieces are rare, since so few were redeemed, and most importantly valuable.

Now they do currently have a rewards program that launched this year (2019), but it is not the same as the 90s/00s Marlboro Unlimited Program. You have to verify who you are on their website, and all the rewards you can redeem for are not Marlboro Branded.

I found this set of 4 Marlboro Unlimited Camp Mugs at GW for $4.25 for the set, and immediately put them in my cart. I didn’t need to research them, because I knew exactly what they were and that they were Vintage. I listed them for $39.87 with free shipping. I took a best offer of $36.00 on them and after fees of $5.40, shipping of $9.36, and original purchase price of $4.51 with tax, I made $16.73 profit on a set of coffee cups.